Buffalo Ridge Shibas

Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale

Q: I've never purchased a dog over the internet before, how does this work?

A: The internet makes buying a puppy directly from a breeder very convenient. It's worked out well for us since we've began advertising this way, we've been able to find great homes for our pups all across the US. If you would like to get on our waiting list, we have you put down a $300 non-refundable deposit. Full payments are due at pickup. Because of young puppies vulnerable immune systems, you will be picking out your puppy through pictures on the website or email if you have one reserved. Your deposit will be subtracted from the remaining amount due. For your safety we use Paypal to collect our payments, a 3% processing fee will be added.  You may also bring cash to pickup as a fee free option.

Things get very busy when we have little puppies around but we try our best to make sure you get an updated picture of them every two weeks if you reserve one early. They can leave us for their new homes starting at 8 weeks of age. 

Q: Are your adults/puppies registered?

A: Most of our adults are registered dually with AKC and APRI kennel clubs. When you purchase a puppy under our pet price, an APRI registration is sent out to you after you submit proof of spay or neuter before 6 mo of the puppy's date of birth. After 6 mo. there is a $100 late fee to register your new puppy.

We follow all AKC rules and regulations and are subject to random inspections because we own and register many AKC dogs/puppies every year.  

Q: Do you have any health guarantee? 

A: Yes, we offer a 1 year congenital/hereditary health guarantee. Please read our sales contract for details on what's covered.

Q: What dogfood do you recommend?

A: Our puppies are currently eating Diamond Puppy food in the purple bag easily found at Menards, Runnings or another farm store.  It is recommended to keep your puppy on the same food to avoid additional stress on your new puppy. 

Q: What about vaccinations?

A: Your new puppy will receive age appropriate shots while with us. You'll be given a health record listing the vaccines and dates of wormings for you to pass on to your vet.  It's very important to know that puppies are not fully immunized until they've completed their puppy shot series at 16 weeks of age. You shouldn't socialize your new pup around strange dogs until then. Be careful when walking your pup to avoid other dog waste during this time. Please do not take your new puppy to dog parks or pet stores till it's safe to do so. Home is the best place for your young puppy!

Q: Are the puppies socialized?

A: Yes, very much so. They are handled multiple times a day once they are old enough. Our kids help with this very important job and they think that's great!

Q: Are they good off-leash?

A: Some are, most aren't. You'll want to have some sort of fencing for your Shiba and plan on having them leashed when you are out. Petsafe's wireless fencing also works well for shibas. Your new puppy will also take some time getting used to the leash when you get him/her as we don't have a need for leashing them at our home. We're on a 12 acre hobby farm so we have lots of room for our dogs to run.

Q: Are they barkers?

A: Generally speaking they are very quiet dogs.

Q: Do they shed?

A: Yes, they are seasonal shedders. A good shedding tool and regular brushing works well for us during this time of year. Once the undercoat is shed completely, shedding is minimal and is controlled very well with a regular brushing now and then.

Q: Do they chew?

A: Yes, they are just like any other puppy in this regard. They will chew on anything they get their paws on until their permanent teeth are in. It's best to have lots of chew toys and bones for them during this time. Sometimes it works well to restrict them to certain areas of your home until this stage passes if you have a lot of expensive furniture. Please contact us with any additional questions.